Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Character Snipers


1. A skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place. 2. One who shoots at other people from a concealed place.


1. To murder (a prominent person) by surprise attack, as for political reasons. 2. To destroy or injure treacherously: assassinate a rival's character.

Unfortunately, this selfish recall process...conceived and carried out by a furtive and murky group of nameless figures...have taken their machinations to a new level of ooze.

I have endeavored to use this blog as an alternative medium for attempting to counter-balance to even a minute degree, the onslaught of misinformation that has emanated from some of our notoriously biased local media.

I set the comments section up so that anyone could leave a remark, pro or con, to my postings. I even set things up so that a commenter did not require registration, as I was more interested in the response of all citizens to what I wrote. This policy has worked well for over three months. To date, I have not had to remove a single posting, but that has ended.

Unfortunately, the character snipers have decided to use their cloak of anonymity to lie in the shadows to begin the process of character assassination. I knew it was coming. My family knew it was coming. We are strong and will not be deterred.

However, when the line was crossed to such a degree that my parents are slandered, then some level of control must be put in place.

As such, all future comments will require registration.

I regret the inconvenience this causes any who have chosen to respectfully be part of a dialog on the issues. I greatly appreciate all of you, anonymous or otherwise, who have written in support of me. I hope you understand the need for this action.

I'm sure there will be great wailing by those who are prepared to win at all costs, that "Medlock can dish it out, but he can't take it." I think anyone that has seen or read the cacophony of vitriol that I have been the recipient of for the past nine months knows that is a laughable statement. I will except and leave up all fair criticism that is based on fact, or even reasonable supposition.

As for dishing it out, when I make comments or commentary, the recipients of my words know it is me that is criticizing them. Ken Neal, Bob Poe or even the nefarious Mr. Jim Burdge (based on his passed track record of ultra-negative campaign tactics, the probable author of the strategy that is beginning) know who to respond to.

Anonymous slander is ... (what the heck...dear readers...register to comment and complete this statement in your own way).

God bless.

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ted said...

Let me start out by saying this: The recall effort is misguided and it is wrong. The people behind it are trying to accomplish now what they have a legitimate chance to do in another year--simply elect another candidate. You don't recall someone because you disagree with him.

That being said, your blog gives me ample reason to believe you are not the right person for the job. I rarely if ever see an original thought from you. Instead, we get served up with rehashed, repackaged content from Batesline. As far as I'm concerned, where city politics is concerned, original thinkers need only apply.

Second, your posts frequently include poor grammar. It's just a pet peeve of mine.