Friday, March 11, 2005

"Provoking" a Hypocritical Lead

The Tulsa World's front page story on the City Council's decision to rule that a change made by the TMAPC was a major amendment and not a scrivener's error, is one of the best examples yet of theTulsa World's bias.

Why wasn't the story the World wrote on October 31st, 2003 [the day after the Council approved the bank zoning in a contentious 5 -4 action] on the front page? The 2003 story was buried at the bottom of page A-18.

But more interesting than it's placement, is the tone of the two lead paragraphs, and the apparent lack of editorial balance. Let's compare the two paragraphs.


"Despite residents’ protests, the City Council approved a proposal Thursday to build a bank branch and small office park at the southwest corner of 71st Street and Harvard Avenue."


"A majority of city councilors provoked a lawsuit Thursday after denying F&M Bank a controversial subdivision plat for a branch drive-through at 71st Street and Harvard Avenue."

In October 2003, it took eleven paragraphs before even the hint of the eventual lawsuit filed by Homeowners for Fair Zoning against the city is mentioned. Even then, it's not referred to as "provoking" a lawsuit. Here's the paragraph:

“Either side, we all know, we’re going to go to district court on this,” Councilor Sam Roop said, referring to the likelihood of a probable appeal of the council’s vote."

To have been entirely fair, wouldn't it have been more fair in 2003 to have written:

"A majority of city councilors provoked a lawsuit Thursday, after invalidating the protest petition of a majority of the home owner's who live adjacent to the controversial vacant lot on the southwest corner of 71st Street and Harvard Avenue."

Fair and Balanced...not!


Anonymous said...

Well, it's at least as fair and balanced as the Tulsa Beacon & KFAQ!

Anonymous said...

It's more fair and balanced than the Tulsa Beacon, KFAQ, and your best friend DelGiorno, the king of local Hate Radio!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed there hasn't been more mention of the Successful Homeowner's Protest and the guide lines used in that case to validate the homeowner's petition. If this fact was known BEFORE the first vote that was in favor of F&M bank then it's a good possibility this wouldn't even be coming up today.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder when criminal fraud begins to enter the picture. The recall gang is giving 'railroad' another new meaning.

...can you say 'Federal Grand Jury'

Anonymous said...

Ditto on "Federal Grand Jury"