Sunday, March 13, 2005

Medlock, Incorporated

Ken Neal continued his series of ranting editorials, revealing his total lack of understanding of the local political environment. Michael Bates at does a fine job of dissecting Mr. Neal's latest screed. Read it here.

The general gist of the piece is that everything wrong in our city today is due to the "antics" of yours-truly and my buddies, Roscoe Turner, Jack Henderson and Jim Mautino. Mr. Neal has been trying for months now to find a team name for us that is vile enough to be worthy of his rage. He is no longer content to call us "The Gang of Five," "The Medlock Cartel" or the "Wrecking Crew," Ken has now tagged us, "Medlock, Inc."

I checked the Oklahoma Secretary of State's web site and there was no listing of any such LLC, registered in my name. To date, the only councilor with a suspicious LLC, the nature of which he refuses to divulge, is the nomadic Randy Sullivan.

I doubt Neal is making reference to my business experience, by now calling us "Medlock, Inc." Rather, he's most likely trying now to compare the reform alliance of councilors to Al Capone's, "Murder, Inc."

If this is the case, Mr. Neal and his partner in slander, Bob Poe, have now inferred that four duly elected officials of the city of Tulsa are akin to...take your pick:

  • Jack-booted nazis
  • a Columbian drug cartel
  • an out of control street gang, and now
  • an organized crime syndicate

Given the level of his laughable rhetorical excess, it is difficult how the man was able to write something as blatantly odd as, "Medlock Inc. and supporters have used time-tested political and propaganda methods."

Boy howdy, Ken! We must be some fine propagandists. We currently have the support of the grassroots of both political parties, the League of Women Voters, and the NAACP!

We supposedly are so "svengali-like" that we can go out at will and cast some "nay-saying" spell on ordinary citizens, turning them into zombie-like drones who come down to City Hall to intimidate ordinary, honest officials who's only sin has been to take money from a handful of development special interests.

I can't believe I'm even spending any of my time responding to something as off-base as Ken Neal's opinions regarding our city. The last several years have seen him becoming progressively angrier and less logical.

Ken Neal has gone past being pitiable. His inability to understand the average Tulsan's backlash against decades of waste and elitism, has brought Ken Neal right to the doorstep of inconsequential.


Anonymous said...

Hey, unlike Afterglow Media and some of your other business ventures, maybe "Medlock, Inc" will actually have some real clients!

Anonymous said...

"There's no better place to live and no better group of people than those that I have found here in Tulsa."

So Ken Neal is a part of this "no better group of people"? Also...Might not the French Riviera or Australia's Gold Coast not be a better place to live?

Kinda sad when unemployed guys seek public office cause their unempoyment has run out.

I wonder if anyone at TV Guide can fill us in on why you were fired?

Anonymous said...

Councilor Medlock, once a week, I meet with a group of retired Christian businessmen. I suspect that only one man is a Democrat. We certainly aren't psychoanalysts, but we all agreed that you seem to have great disdain for business and, especially, successful business people.
One of my friends suggested that this may be a simple case of jealousy. Perhaps you're bitter because you've had limited success in business. We don't know you and we're not very familiar with your background, but it makes sense to us.
We hope you'll learn to co-exist with those of us in the business world. We're not bad folks.

We'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

If by co-existing with the business world you mean over looking all of the conflicts of interest, public officials who have private companies making money off of government contracts, and supporting and pushing through tax increases so your business's can make more profit off of the back of the poor jealous citizen who is just mad because he is not as rich as you are or learned how to manipulate the system. You must be the good guys that Medlock, Turner, and Mautino are talking about, right?

Then I hope that Medlock Inc. Al-Jazeera radio and all the other jealous people who haven't figured out how to rape the system are successful in stopping you highly successful and extremely ethical people from doing more good for the city.

What a joke, if you guys are truly christians, then you should be ashamed at what is going on with the city governement right now. No matter how you look at it, it is not very good. It's scandalous! The good ole boy system is alive and well in Tulsa Oklahoma. I am not jealous of one single person that goes out and makes millions through hard work and playing by the rules. But the ones getting involved in city politics and tax proposals that put a further burden on it's citizens so they can make more money themselves? You are disgusting, and I am sure Jesus will congratulate you for increasing the tax burden on your fellow citizens while you stick millions in your pocket! If a freaking Arena will be so damn successful, then go out and build it with your own money. Then when you get rich I will applaud you! But pushing through a tax increase so that your own business (Flintco and Manhattan) can get the contracts to build it and make millions on the citizens backs is truly sad. We don't need another arena, especially not a $200 million dollar one. We need infrastructure, roads and bridges rebuilt, we need to recruit business and jobs, not increase taxes on an ever shrinking population!

I guess gambling, lottery, and cigaratte taxes will fix all of our problems. That's it, increase the tax burden so that more citizens leave and you will have to incrase it even more on the rest of us. Hopefully the days of people getting rich off of manipulating tax and governement policies (in other words buying their way to prosperity by buying politicians) are over. The good ole boy system in Tulsa has been exposed for what it is. Wake up and take your city back, we are not against business men getting rich, at least not when they are using their own money and ingenuity to do so. Not off of our tax dollars!!!!!!! And definitely not because you own a mayor, or city coucilor and they give you whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

Brian: You should have paid attention in English class.

As for building "infrastructure" what do you think a new Arena is?

It's hard to attract businesses and people when there's nothing to do when they get there.

Tulsa saw the potential for growth coming its way in the 1970s and 80's and stepped aside. Today those jobs and people reside in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Kansas City and Houston.

Anonymous said...

What kind of jobs do you think an arena is going to bring to this city? More hotel workers, a few mor concession stand operators, a couple of parking attendants? Bring in more companies and jobs, which translates into more tax revenue for the city. Then you could build your arenas and everything else you need without taxing the citizens. Bad concept isn't it? Grow your tax base then build your secondary needs. Right now we have a shrinking tax base with an increasing tax burden. Then you wonder why people leave this city and state to go elsewhere? You want to use $200 million to build a state of the art manufacturing facility to recruit business and jobs I am all for it. At least then you would get an asset and an increasing tax base. Make the city and state more business friendly and function more efficiently. Right now we rank lower state wise on education than we do on our spending for education. To me that means we aren't getting a very good return. If we rank 43rd on spending per student but 48th on education, that's poor performance so we are not spending wisely (those are general numbers as I don't remember the exact ones, but we spend more money than what are overall ranking is).

How about this concept? Rebuild the roads and bridges, pay for police and fire, hell turn the lights on along the highways. We can't afford to do that but we can give Sam Roop a $90,000 a year advisory position to the mayor? We can't open up pools but we can give a Florida lawyer a contract up to $100,000 to fight the FAA instead of seeing if we can remedy their concerns without resorting to lawyers and law suits. We paid this Busby guy around $40,000 I believe and then he resigns with an obvious conflict, did he give the money back?

Here's a simple question for you. What have Mautino and Medlock done that would bring them up for recall? Have they broken the law? Have they done something unethical? Please tell me why they should be recalled and Sullivan who doesn't even live in the district he represents shouldn't be?

Sorry my english is not up to your standard. Maybe if we spent more money on teachers than we do on administrators that would have been improved. The largest employer in the state, is the state. You can't have more people on the government payroll than you have people contributing taxes to pay that payroll. It won't work! We need jobs not arenas. We need to quit worrying about growing Broken Arrow, Jenks, and Bixby and worry about fixing our own city. It's called the Tulsa City Council. Not the Tulsa and Surrounding Cities Council!

Anonymous said...

Medlock is an ass. Always has been and always will be. He is short sighted and has no understanding of Economic Theory.

That probably comes from his less than stellar high school GPA, which necessitated his enrollment at an Oklahoma directional college.

The fact that he was fired from TV Guide...TV GUIDE!! For gosh sakes! They publish a magazine dedicated to watching TV. How do you manage to get fired from that? Next he opens some kind of media consulting business in Tulsa. Who was his intended target market Bill & Ruth's, Claude's Hamburgers or Tink's Auto Mart?

He ran for public office cause his wife got tired of him laying on the couch all day and watching TV. (His fake company had no customers). I should have kicked his ass in HS when I had the opportunity. He's a social retard and is taking his anger on those who disagree with his paranoid fantasies.

As for you Bill, what are you going to put in this $200 Million, state of the art manufacturing facility? Manufacturing jobs are leaving for China, Bub. Get a damned clue.

The only chance Tulsa has is stealing jobs and companies from cities with less to offer their inhabitants...and that's gonna be a tall order.

Anonymous said...

This one floored me -- LOL!

"I should have kicked his ass in HS when I had the opportunity. He's a social retard and is taking his anger on those who disagree with his paranoid fantasies."

Man, this guy makes me want to buy stock in Medlock, Inc. I'm thinking of some possible product lines...

* Chris' Old School Bully Repellent
* Medlock's Medicated Antimayoral Pads
* Good Old Boy Neutralizing Cream
* Liquid Wrench in the Works
* Metropolitan Renovator
* Powder to the People
* Anti-BS Brakes

So far, the biggest complaint I'm reading is that Medlock used to work for a large corporation and doesn't anymore. I'm actually more concerned about all the politicians who have "real jobs" in addition to their office. The dim-witted way that Oklahoma underpays their social servants pretty much guarantees that almost all will serve two masters. How is it a criticism of Medlock that he's only working for us?