Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Annoy Christopher Hanson"

Michael Bates over at www.batesline.com, is joining in on the attempt to annoy Baltimore Sun writer Christopher Hanson by proving him correct that all bloggers are self-absorbed self-promoters.

Bates chose to do so by posting several photographs, one of which featured himself, Congressman John Sullivan and me. Thought I might as well dive into the fun.

First is my photo with G. Gordon Liddy outside of the
convention hotel in NYC. Hey, maybe I accosted the man, but it's Liddy.
Just approaching Liddy takes chutzpah.

Next is my impromptu shot with Newt Gingrich. I was the
only member of the Oklahoma delegation that listed Newt as my "Most Admired
Republican." Just wish I could've enlisted a photographer that I could
admire. This shot of a lifetime was taken by an attorney from the South
Carolina delegation that at the very least managed not to put his thumb over the

The final picture isn't of me and a celebrity. However,
I am the photographer, which says I was pretty danged close to the Prez and V-Prez
just a scant few second before the Oklahoma delegation was buried under an
avalanche of balloons and confetti.

I'm new at this, but hope I was suitably annoying.

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Kane said...

I do not agree with the selection you have made with your chosen political party affiliations but I will defend until the end the action you have taken in good faith, whereas there is no question we need 5 more councilors who understand or do not feel they are obligated to play follow the leader game.

All this recall could be brought to rest if one would merely ask the former city attorney, who appears before the council often, who’s intent it was when he took $23,000 dollars of the taxpayers money to change the amended charter (new charter) from 11 districts to 9 districts and leave so many of the principal items silent. He should be able to advise why there is so much confusion on the recall provisions he submitted and was paid for. Or is there a hidden reason some don’t want to know the truth?