Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"The Chris Medlock Show" Archives

One of the things that disappointed a lot of the listeners of KFAQ was how quickly the archived podcasts of my show were pulled after my layoff. They were gone by the next day. The station has posted the last four shows, but all the rest are gone from the site, leaving many to wonder if they've been erased.

I have been spending a great deal of my free time the last couple of days, finding, consolidating and organizing all of the archived copies of my show that I have on my various personal computers. On occasion, I would be informed by staff that they were running out of space on the KFAQ server and that they would be purging archived copies, so if I wanted them for posterity, I would need to download them to my personal computer.

This was a relatively tedious procedure, at least for an ADHD guy like myself, but I tried to save everything I could. Having taken stock of what I do have now, I'm pretty pleased with myself. I have, by my best count, exactly 400 hours of "The Chris Medlock Show" saved and now organized by month. I also have all of the "Show Notes" saved, so I should be able to catalog all of the shows, if I get the time and determination to do such a tedious thing.

By my best guesstimate, 400 hours is easily over 90% of the shows, if not more. Throw in my days off when Bruce Delay would sit in for me, coupled with those days where the "skimmer," (which automatically recorded the show so that my producer, Brent Smith, could post the shows on the Podcast Page, didn't work), and I think I have almost everything that was made available to the public.

I'm not sure what, if anything, I want to do with all these shows. In fact, I'm not really sure if I can legally do anything too comprehensive, even if I wanted to. The Fair Use Doctrine says that I can use portions of the show without fear of legal challenge, so maybe I'll put together some "Greatest Moments Of" links.

The problem with something like that is, it would require me to listen to hour after hour of old shows. To date, I've probably only listened to a grand total of a couple of hours of my show. Why you ask? Because, like many people, I'm uncomfortable listening to myself. Yes. You would think I would be past all of that, and maybe now I am. But it still isn't something I'm chomping at the bit to do.

So for now, for those of you that care, be content in the knowledge that I've got all of it, and should the need arise, well, you know.

Stay tuned, I'm thinking of at the very least making the first show available here at Medblogged.


Todd Autry said...

Dude, the episode where you tracked the mayor's plane and the icestorm updates would be two shows I would fork over some cash for.

I archived what I had saved to my pc last night just in case that virus hit me.

It was the last week, which was GOOD but just not enough.

Anonymous said...


DaWizard in Oz said...

I've got almost all of your shows from the beginning ..
Delgernio/Freeman era ...

And again Chris ... change the bloody font on your blog ... it's too thin and hard to read ... get a clue .. change it!!! Ok .. Please????

DaWizard in Oz

Anonymous said...

I fervently hope Chris can get another talk radio spot. He was very informative and entertaining.

How about KFAQ's Saturday A.M. line-up, what is a wasteland.

Why not a 2-3 hour show covering local and state politics each Saturday A.M., hosted by Chris??