Friday, May 08, 2009

Fox 23 Tulsa: Interviewed for Story on Illegal Immigration Process

Kaci Christian of Fox 23 News interviewed me for a story on the process for deporting illegal immigrants convicted of other crimes. I'll leave it to you to watch the segment, but I am amused by our friend, the Rev. Victor Orta, who in one breath says, "the law is the law," and in another breath intimates that illegal aliens should be given amnesty. Do you think he realizes how foolish he sounds?

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Anonymous said...

u really don't look too bad on cam.
ur conflict with Orta is helpful to your local image.
Tulsa wants ICE to make a difference but FOX must keep reporting their weakness.

how can they rent property or buy vehicles in Oklahoma if they are 'illegal' ?

Doesn't the DMV require US citizenship ? why not !

maybe R.Bogdon could make that a campaign promise for Governor !