Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TCMS: Wednesday, May 27

Hear the latest edition of The Chris Medlock Show...fresh off the uh...the uh...microphone. Topics include the Wall Street Journal implying Oklahoma AG Drew Edminson is involved in a racket, and the growing scandal around the downtown baseball park. Click on the link below to listen.


Mark said...


move your podcast down to a lower bitrate ... 44mb per is way toooooo big of a file .... not all people have unlimited download limits ... you should be able to do an hr file in waaaaaay less than 44mb's ...



Anonymous said...

Thank you for fixing the problem with Windows Media Player accessibility. Would still love to hear your May 19 show. Keep up the good work as we desperately need your voice to be heard airing out local and state politics and scandals.

David Van said...

I agree w/Mark.
I had this problem occasionally with KFAQ and they always appreciated my calling attention to the settings not being optimal. about 10m per hour is more acceptable for talk format.

That said, I love the show!