Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mayoral Polling Going On

I got a call this afternoon from a DC area code. Usually I don't pick up such calls from outside area codes, because they almost always end up being irradiating telemarketer calls. But I had a feeling this time it would be political in nature and I was right.

It was a poll.

The call asked if I had a positive, negative or neutral opinion of four of the six Republican Tulsa city councilors; Martinson, Christiansen, Eagleton and Westcott. I was then asked if each of the four were the GOP nominee against Kathy Taylor in the general election, would I vote for the councilor in question, or Mayor Taylor.

I had received word that Rick Westcott was doing polling and would wait for the results to determine if he would run for Mayor this year. It is unlikely that Westcott would be conducting a poll on his own that also tested the electability of three other GOP councilors. So, it appears to me that the four councilors might be pooling resources to see which of the four would be the best candidate to take on Taylor.

I have placed calls to both the Tulsa County Republican chair, Sally Bell, and state chair Gary Jones to find out if either or both organizations are behind the polling. Jones said my call was the first he'd heard of the polling. He also said something intriguing. "You mean those guys still haven't figured out which one of them they're going to run?" Jones asked?

I would very much doubt that the local party would conduct such a poll, since they already spent more a substantial sum on a poll earlier in the year, which is currently a controversial topic inside the county GOP, since no one knows for sure who authorized the expenditure. That poll included the same four councilors as today's polling, with the addition of South Tulsa Citizen's Coalition spokesperson Michael Covey.

The fact that only the councilors are included in this poll, without any other possible candidates, surely indicates that those elements of the local GOP who are happy with the current council's "mamby-pamby," no public disagreement approach. Looking at the four, there isn't a single reformer in the bunch.

Color me skeptical about the whole lot of them.

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Mark said...

I figure it's the "Queen ofda Crystal Cube" who's behind the polling!

Wanting to find out which GOP councilor to sic the "Demogogic dirt digger's" onto before the City Council Rino's declare!

Juz'd my pre-Vision 2025 2cents worth!! lol