Saturday, May 09, 2009

Medblogged Down for Awhile

I am going to be working on trying to transfer this blog from Blogger's server to that of my service provider for As such, the site will be potentially down while I'm attempting the move. I've had some difficulty getting this to work, and may need to let the site remain down for several hours to see if it is successful in completing the transfer. Sorry for the inconvenience.


[Note for Geeks: Blogger appears to be having a well documented problem with its FTP publishing. Cynics would say that it is an attempt by Google to force Blogger users to store all of their content on Google's servers. They're even discussing discontinuing the FTP publishing service. For me, the major problem is I have paid for a website server with GoDaddy. Blogger isn't allowing the Internet to see files that I save on my server. As such, I can't store my podcast files on my own site.

Blogger suggests that I use a third party (one of their corporate buddies) to store my files. That effectively means that I would have to waste a year's worth of hosting fees to GoDaddy. Not going to happen.

So it looks like I've finally been given the impetus to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress, which of course is one more headache I have to work on that will keep me from podcasting and keep me from going to the gym.

So let me just say, for now, GOOGLE SUCKS!!!


Anonymous said...

is your hate for Google why u won't just post a 10 min. UTube vid and be done with it ?

the more time u try to fill the more u ramble :)

what if PC posted your UTube remarks on his KFAQ blog ?

do u not understand ? u r posting UTube vids on your blog !

Steven H. Roemerman Sr said...

my stuff is still on blogger. is still my blog but through the magic of the Internets it looks like it is on

Anonymous said...

hey steve - u tha man !

hav u talked to brian gann abt sitting with PC to keep him on task ? ur comments/remarks seem to be on target for Tulsa.