Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jim Mautino To Run For City Council

Former District 6 Tulsa City Councilor Jim Mautino told the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly on Tuesday night that he will challenge Councilor Dennis Troyer for the seat Mautino held for two years.

Mautino, who was defeated by Troyer in a close election in 2006, sat out the 2008 election cycle, choosing instead to try to help get Kevin Boggs elected to the post. An unenthusiastic campaigner, Boggs was easily defeated by Troyer, who won his second term on the council.

Boggs announced at the same meeting that despite losing his race for city council, he was going to seek the Mayor's office this year.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in district 6 for several years and I'm happy to hear Jim is running for office. I hope he finds success, the community needs more honest men like Mr. Mautino.