Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Second Edition of The Chris Medlock Show

The second ever edition of The Chris Medlock Show is now available for download. Topics include the Governor's race, TPS dropping its law suit against charter schools, Bixby's city manager fight and the Tulsa World's take on all the vetoes Gov. Henry has been filing against GOP legislation.

To download click here.


Anonymous said...

If it is an MP3, does it qualify as a 'podcast'?

Anonymous said...

how do i subscribe to the podcast?

Radio Fan said...

mp3 format is indeed a format the ipod can read...I think the term "podcast" is becoming to mean "downloadable" though, much like what happened to "bandaid" and "kleenex" in their respective product categories. (disclaimer--I do not, nor do I ever foresee myself owning an over-priced, over-hyped iAnything.)

Anonymous said...

your 'mp3' file was read as 'empty' on realtime player. :(

really trying to hear your remarks, but time getting later and later in 'nooz' cycle.